but long healthy hair did NOT come naturally to me

I was one of those people who "couldn't grow long hair", because it didn't run in my family.

Me, aged 12. I had NEVER had a haircut. 🤯

Me, aged 15. I was taking supplements, using hot oil treatments, doing "ALL THE RIGHT THINGS" to grow my hair.

👇🏾SO I ignored ALL the naysayers, realised I knew NOTHING and INVESTED in learning ALL about hair, and then this happened  ðŸ¤¯

Catherine DomNwachukwu

Asha is insanely knowledgeable about hair and she has a very inquisitive mind to learn more.

Combed out her locs 8 months ahead of schedule

Maria Tackett

Asha is very knowledgeable about the science of hair and how that translates into daily, weekly and monthly routine.

Can now confidently maintain & style her natural hair without heat

And now I'm on a mission to help ambitious naturals grow long healthy hair for the first time through workshops & exclusive 1:1 coaching

I've taken everything I know from my:

👉🏾 paradigm shifting experience growing my own hair to tailbone length;

👉🏾 10+ years of natural hair experimentation & content creation;

👉🏾 work with over 100 clients to date;

👉🏾 background in molecular biology (MSc);

👉🏾 trichology (hair & scalp science) certification & ongoing studies;

👉🏾 5+ years of (Cambridge certified) English teaching experience;

...... and channelled it into my signature Longer Lengths â„¢ system, designed to help naturals grow long healthy hair for the first time. ✨ 

What can you look forward to when you work with me?

"My hair felt like it had hit a plateau. It was really dry and I wasn't retaining length anymore. I'm now part way through the programme and even in the past couple of months I've already noticed a huge improvement in the health of my hair and how it looks and feels and how easy it is to manage... In addition to a big improvement in the health of my hair, it's been a lot more fun working with her than it was when I was trying to figure all of this out on my own. "

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"Each session with her is catered to you and your hair"

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"The programme helped me to see where my hair issues stem from in my childhood"

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